Julie's Tonkanesen

A small cattery in the heart of Hamburg

About us

Our cattery is registered since the spring of 2013.
Eponym is our first Tonkinese cat Julie.


First and foremost our cats are family members who get lots of attention and affection.
The group is kept deliberately small to have enough time for each cat and also to enable a harmonious coexistence of all.


The cats that we breedin with are regularly dewormed, vaccinated against FeLV (felines leukemia virus), panleucopenia and cat-flu, as well as tested on FIV (felines centromeric virus / veterinarian) and rdAc PRA (progressive retinal atrophy).

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We give our best to breed Tonkinese cats according to the standard in a moderate European type.
Above all, we have much pleasure, to open up the possibility to other people to be able to experience this wonderful breed.

Of course we appreciate show successes and are proud of our cats.
Incorporated into titles, that require frequent exhibitions and trips abroad, we are more interested in breeding cats with a strong character. For us, this means Tonkinese with extremely friendly, people-related temper and a good dose of wit, charm and intelligence.